SAVI Partners

These collaborations are funded by the National Science Foundation under the Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) program.


United Kingdom

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Climate Change and Sustainable Futures program

University of New South Wales

Bangalore, India

Leiden, Netherlands

Nonlinear Dynamics in Natural Systems'

The Netherlands

Center for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore, India


More Partners

Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training (MPE CDT)  Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Learning about Interacting Networks in Climate (LINC)


MCRN was a participating partner in "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013." The Partner Reports of MCRN and many other participating partners are available at MPE2013 morphed into MPE on January 1, 2014. MPE maintains the momentum of multilevel collaborations (researchers and educators) within the world mathematical community. For more information, please go to Mathematics of Planet Earth.