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November 6, 2015 - Issue 2

MCRN Colloquium Webinar Title: Where’s the Math in Climate Science?

Speaker: Christopher K.R.T. Jones, Director of MCRN

Date and Time: Monday, November 9th, 10:30am EST

Abstract: Climate science is dominated by the use of large-scale models, of which there are only 30 or so around the world. It might then seem that the need for mathematics is limited to areas that directly support the operation of such models. I will explain, by digging into the way the models work, this is not correct and that climate studies demand the development of various emerging as well as established areas of mathematics. Along the way, I will explain how models are used and what some of the big open issues are to further our understanding of how the climate works. The talk will include discussion of a case study of El Niño based on joint work with Andrew Roberts, Esther Widiasih, Axel Timmerman and John Guckenheimer.
Note: This will be a general and motivational talk that should be accessible, and I hope of interest, to pure and applied mathematicians at all levels from undergrad on up.

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(Monday, 10:30EST = 15:30GMT = 5:30HAST = 7:30PST = 8:30MST = 9:30CST = 16:30CET = 21:00IST, and Tuesday, 00:30JST = 2:00ACDT = 2:30AEDT = 4:30NZDT)

The next colloquium speaker is Luke Bennetts (University of Adelaide). His talk will be on Thursday, November 20th, 7:00pm EST.
(Thursday 19:00EST = 14:00HAST = 16:00PST = 17:00MST = 18:00CST, Midnight 00:00GMT between Thursday and Friday, and Friday 1:00CET = 5:30IST = 9:00JST = 10:30ACDT = 11:00AEDT = 13:00NZDT).

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