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November 16, 2015 - Issue 3

MCRN Colloquium Webinar Title: Modelling the Marginal Ice Zone

Speaker: Luke Bennetts (University of Adelaide)

Date and Time: Thursday, November 19th, 7:00pm EST

Abstract: The marginal ice zone (MIZ) is the 10s to 100s of kilometres of partially ice-covered ocean, which sits between the open ocean and the quasi-continuous ice cover. It’s a highly dynamic region, where open ocean wave processes impact the ice cover, and it’s becoming larger and more significant in the era of climate change.

I’ll summarise existing models of the MIZ (with a slight bias for my own work). I’ll then discuss how these models are being integrated into large-scale models used for operational forecasting and climate studies.

Webinar Link *:

* If you have not previously used WebEx, you will be prompted to install it before being able to "Join" the webinar. Please join the meeting early to assure complete access.

(Thursday, 14:00HAST = 16:00PST = 17:00MST = 18:00CST, Midnight 00:00GMT between Thursday and Friday, and Friday 1:00CET = 5:30IST = 9:00JST = 10:30ACDT = 11:00AEDT = 13:00NZDT)

The next colloquium speaker is Jonah Bloch-Johnson (University of Chicago, Department of the Geophysical Sciences). His talk will be on Monday, November 23rd, 10:30am EST.

If you missed last week's colloquium, you can view Chris Jones' talk here.

MCRN HUB Update On Wednesday, November 11th, the MCRN Hub was upgraded to the HUBzero CMS version 2.0. The Hubzero Release Notes include a list of changes. According to MCRN's Hub liaison Erich Huebner, "There are some new features and a lot of fixes, but most of those are behind-the-scenes." If you notice any bugs or issues, please submit a ticket.

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