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MCRN Newsletter

May 26, 2016 - Issue 19


Kudos to all the 2015-2016 MCRN Colloquium Speakers for their engaging presentations highlighting the depth and breadth of MCRN Members' research:
Chris Jones - Math in Climate Science: Motivational talk
Luke Bennetts - Marginal ice zone: Growing in size and significance
Jonah Bloch-Johnson - Nonlinearity of global warming: New ideas
Rachel Kuske - New averaging results motivated by climate models
Henk Dijkstra - Early warning indicators in high-dimensional models
Laura Slivinski - Lagrangian data assimilation applied to Katama Bay
Vladimir Alexeev - Local and non-local mechanisms of Arctic warming
Marc Kjerland - Numerical storm surge modeling: Typhoon Haiyan
Axel Timmermann - El NiƱo: Facts, open questions and insights
Juan Durazo - Extreme ionospheric events: September 26, 2011
Mary Silber and Karna Gowda - Vegetation patterns in Horn of Africa
Erik Van Vleck - Hybrid data assimilation techniques and prairies
Amit Apte - Indian summer monsoons: Developing new models

Go to Tags: MCRN Colloquium to view all abstracts and presentations.

Shout outs

Thank you to all the Hubmins and Research Focus Group Leaders for many hours of dedication to move all the content from the previous site to the MCRN Hub. This would not have been possible without the amazing teamwork of Hubmins Colin Grudzien, Karna Gowda, Kate Meyer, Hubzero Liason Erich Huebner, Program Manager Monica Romeo and former Webmaster Mark Phillips.

More MCRN Member Transitions

Colin Grudzien: Postdoc at Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, Norway

Bevin Maultsby: Teaching Assistant Professor at North Caroline State

Monica Romeo: Completes 3.5-year term as Program Manager of MCRN.


HUBzero Courses Webinar - Date Change
Due to a campus wide network outage at Purdue University, HUBzero is postponing the Courses Webinar and rescheduling it for next Thursday, June 2nd at 2:00pm EDT.

The previous MCRN website is no longer available online. All its content was moved to the MCRN Hub, and page copies included in Archives.

To access content, log in first, then use tags and/or "Search" at the top of every page.   If you do not log in first, you will only find content that is publicly available, rather than all the material protected in the groups and projects.

To gain more access to groups of interest, simply request membership and one of the group leaders will respond.

Recent News

Member: Chris Jones is awarded Martin Kruskal Lecture

Solicitations: CliMathNet Virtual Outreach Conference 2016

Member: Daniel Koll will postdoc at MIT

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