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MCRN Newsletter

May 12, 2016 - Issue 18

MCRN Member Transitions

New PhD’s:
Emily Cody (Vermont, Math)
Colin Grudzien (UNC, Math)
Daniel Koll (Chicago, Geophysical Sciences)
Julie Leifeld (Minnesota, Math)
Ross Lieb-Lappen (Dartmouth, Engineering)

Victoria "Torey" Lee (Bowdoin)
Shiv Priyam Raghuraman (Minnesota)
Lucy Skinner (Bowdoin)
Adela Yang (Bowdoin)

New positions:
Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel: Tenure-track position at Mount Holyoke
Daniel Koll: Postdoc at MIT, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Ross Lieb-Lappen: Postdoc at US Army Corps of Engineer, CRREL
Shiv Priyam Raghuraman: Grad student at Princeton, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Congratulations to all!

Please email me with more member transitions.


The MCRN website will be inaccessible THIS FRIDAY, May 13th, starting at 8am EDT. Hubzero anticipates the downtime to last no longer than 5 hours.

Recent job postings

. Open position - Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
. Postdoc - INRIA, France
. Tenure track - University of Vienna, Austria


Member: Ross Lieb-Lappen will continue research at CRREL

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