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    Georgetown University


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    I was born in Germany and was trained as a mathematician at the University of Heidelberg, where I received a PhD in 1981.

    I trained as a postdoctoral associate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, was an instructor at Northwestern University and at the University of Texas at Austin, and have been at Georgetown University since 1984. 

    I was a visitor at the University of Bonn, a research associate at NIST and at NOAA, and have worked as a program director at NSF multiple times.  I have also worked as a consultant for private companies.

    My interests include conceptual climate models (atmosphere – ocean interaction, glacial cycles) and data intensive problems (remote sensing, data assimilation).

    Together with Hans Kaper, I am the author of a recent textbook on "Mathematics of Climate", published in 2013 by SIAM.

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