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The Projects tool  helps organize information for your group's various activities.

For example, the Food Systems AIM workshop in April 2015 spawned several distinct working sub-groups of the Food Systems group, focusing different aspects of the food system. To organize their activities, they created  a Dietary Inequality Project and an Urban Food Model Project. 

From a group's main page, you can access group projects or create a new project by clicking "Projects" on the left menu, then selecting a project from the list or clicking "Add Project."

A project has several tools, which can be accessed from the left menu inside the project page:

  • Assets: for sharing information in Databases or Files. This is the dropbox / Google Drive - type feature of the Hub that centralizes file sharing. If you want to share others' papers discretely within a small group, this is the place to do it.
  • Team:  shows who is working on the project. If you create a project from inside a group, your other group members will have access. Project membership can be extended to non-group members using the "Edit Team" link in the upper right. When you set up your project, you can make it searchable or hidden.
  •  To Do: helps you track tasks, including who's responsible for them and deadlines. Great for remembering who's doing what!
  • Notes: as it sounds, a place to keep notes about the project.

For the Hub's official guide to Projects, click here.


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