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John Maclean

More legible group messages [message sent on behalf of John Maclean]

Message from the group: jdas

As I have replicated above, when I send a message to a group the subject line is automatically edited to include, "[message sent on behalf of foo]". Additionally the above text "Message from the group: bar" and a line appear before the message itself.

This is confusing and irritating - no one has the patience for unclear emails. It would be great if the two pieces of information instead appeared at the end of a message, like so.



Message from the group: curmudgeons

Message sent on behalf of Grumpy Postdoc

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  1. John Maclean

    The context here is that I am a group manager and send weekly emails to group members using the "message all members" button. These emails are harder to read because of the unnecessary additions.




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