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Kaitlin Hill

Email option for notifications of updates to groups/projects

Currently, I have to physically log into the hub site to see whether there have been any updates to projects/groups I am in (notes posted, files uploaded, etc.). If some post or update requires immediate attention, an email would have to additionally be sent out. It would expedite this process if an email were set out automatically for all or even just a certain subset of update types (with an opt-out option).

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  1. Monica Romeo

    Kaitlin, what you suggest is a good idea.  In the meantime, perhaps Announcement (for group managers) and Forum (for all members) can serve the purpose.  If there is any item that requires immediate action within a group, then a group manager can post an Announcement (see attached file).

    Any group member can post a notice in the Forum.  All other members who are signed up to receive email notification of Forum posts will receive it and be able to respond via their email (ie, without having to log in to the site).


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  2. Emily Kayser

    Hi Kaitlin,

    Notifications will be available in projects within the next few months when we update to the newest version of code (2.0.0).



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