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  1. Introduction to Projects on the MCRN Hub


  2. Introduction to Groups on the MCRN Hub Part II


  3. Introduction to Groups on the MCRN Hub Part I


  4. Introduction to the MCRN Hub


  5. How To Connect Outside of the Hub

    MCRN is a virtual institution connecting researchers across the world.  We work online and we have experience using many different platforms.  This is a reference page for how to...


  6. Formatting: Cut-and-paste

    When inputting content in the hub's text editor (in Resources, Group pages,... ) if you simply use cut-and-paste, then extra formatting is likely to accompany the...


  7. Instructions for signing up on the MCRN Hub

    To create an account:Click on LOGIN at the upper right corner.A "sign in" page will come up.  Click on "Create an account," at the bottom. Fill in user login,...


  8. Logo

    MCRN's logo looks like this:MCRN members are encouraged to display the MCRN logo on their presentations and websites. 


  9. Calendar within Groups

    Steps for subscribing to a Google Calendar from a group calendar: (Basically, you should copy the Private Address for iCal, which is found in the Google calendar settings.)1. Navigate to...


  10. A Style Guide for Tags and Metadata

    IntroductionThis is a style guide to tagging content - it assumes you know what a tag is and how to create tags, as described in the rest of the knowledge base.  The purpose of this...


  11. How to Create a Course/Series Resource

    Creating a Course/Series Resource A series is a resource type that allows multiple resources to be placed under a “parent” resource. Each of the child resources will be listed...


  12. Library vs. Resources

    The Library menu -- much like an actual library -- links you to information in many formats. Currently our library contains four distinct categories of information:Collections,Publications...


  13. MCRN Publications

    All MCRN members are encouraged to post their relevant publications by going to https://mcrn.hubzero.org/library/citations, and clicking on the "Submit a citation" button, OR...


  14. Where do I go for documentation?

    Documentation can be found in HUBzero’s documentation page.


  15. Group Guidelines & Tips

    Ultimately it is the Admins that decide what the rules are for their group, but if you have been made a manager of a group, here are some suggestions for keeping your group happy:Manager...


  16. What are groups?

    Work together with your colleaguesCreate a group to organize your interactions. Group members can:Post content that only other group members are allowed to seeExport their content to other web...


  17. Frequently Asked Questions

    What are tags? How do I create a new tag? How can I delete a tag? How can I remove a tag from a resource/group/my profile/etc? Is there a limit on the number of tags I can add to an item? Can I...


  18. Frequently Asked Questions

    What are resources?How do I upload a new resource?How can I delete a resource?Is there a limit on the number of resources I can submit?What are resources?Think of a hub as an empty library....


  19. Customize your dashboard page

    To change your dashboard page, simply click the Personalize button located in the upper-right corner of that page. The page will enter a customization mode where you may move modules around by...


  20. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Group Discoverability? What is Group Membership Access? How to Customize a Group? What are Group Plugin Access Levels? How are groups managed? How do I leave a group? How do I delete a...