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  1. Alejandro Aceves


  2. Realistic modeling and analysis of synchronization dynamics in power-grid networks

    08 May 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Takashi Nishikawa

    An imperative condition for the functioning of a power-grid network is that its power generators remain synchronized. Disturbances can prompt desynchronization, which is a process that has been...


  3. Synchronization in power grid networks

    07 May 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Suman Acharyya

    This survey discusses Master Stability Function (MSF) analysis for determining stability of synchronization of coupled oscillators on network. In addition, we briefly discuss the...


  4. Complex Energy Systems

    07 May 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Michael Chertkov

    This is the opening guest lecture for the Electric Grid Focus Group.  Dr. Michael Chertkov of Los Alamos National Lab describes the statistical and mathematical problems arising in complex...


  5. A Survey of Grid Control and Optimization

    07 May 2015 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Colin James Grudzien

    This is an introductory survey of how control problems arise on different time scales in electric grid transmission problems.  The set up and general form of such problems are considered,...