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  1. Sea Ice Structure and Processes

    02 Jun 2015 | Educational Materials

    Annotated bibliography by Adam Gully and Chris Orum in 2011, under the direction of Ken Golden.

  2. Sea Ice Physics and Biology

    18 Mar 2015 | Educational Materials

    Bibliography by S.F.Ackley to accompany tutorial lecture on Biology/Physics Interface in Sea Ice at the 2011 MBI Workshop on Ocean Ecologies and their Physical Habitats in a Changing Climate

  3. NSF's Science Nation Video on David Holland's field work in Greenland

    18 Mar 2015 | Presentations

    MCRN member and founding principal investigator David Holland was featured in the NSF's Science Nation video, titled, "Mathematician uses skills to study Greenland's retreating glaciers," on September 9,...