5th Data Analysis and Modeling in Earth Science (DAMES) conference

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the 5th Data Analysis and Modeling in Earth Science (DAMES)  conference in Hamburg, Germany, 26-28 September

The conference website is: www.clisap.de/dames

The objective of the international conference series “Data Analysis and Modeling in Earth Sciences” (DAMES) is to bring together researchers dealing with data analysis and modeling in all fields of Earth Sciences, promoting the exchange of knowledge on both methodological developments and Earth Science applications across disciplines. Specific topics come from all fields of Earth Sciences, including atmospheric sciences, hydrology, oceanography, present-day and paleo-climatology, climate change and its impacts but also applied topics such as environmental risk analysis and sustainability.

DAMES thematic sessions are:

Session 1: Instabilities and Predictability
Session 2: Multi-Scale Effects and Stochastic Parameterizations
Session 3: Data assimilation and Big Data
Session 4: Coupled Data Assimilation
Session 5: Complex Network Approaches
Session 6: Stochastic and Dynamical Systems Approaches
Session 7: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
Session 8: Modeling of Extreme Events
Session 9: Environmental Risk Analysis and Sustainability  

Keynote speakers include:

Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Prof. Sandra Chapman (University of Warwick, UK)
Prof. Marc Bocquet (CEREA, Joint laboratory of École des Ponts ParisTech, France)
Prof. Laure Zanna (Oxford University, UK)
Dr. Erik Chavez (Imperial College London, UK)
Dr. Emilio Hernandez-Garcia (Instituto de Fisica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos, Spain)
Dr. Mickael Chekroun (UCLA, USA)  

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 June 2016

Alberto Carrassi
Data Assimilation and Forecasting Group
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 


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