Request for Proposals for the 2017 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in the Mathematical Sciences

Proposal Due Date: April 29, 2016

To stimulate interest and activity in mathematical research, the National Science Foundation intends to support up to ten NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conferences in 2017. In the 47 year history of this NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference Series, a total of 356 such conferences have been held.  See the call for proposals at

Each five day conference features a distinguished lecturer who delivers ten lectures on a topic of important current research in one sharply focused area of the mathematical sciences. The lecturer subsequently prepares an expository monograph based upon these lectures, which is normally published as a part of a regional conference series. Depending upon the conference topic, the monograph is published by the American Mathematical Society, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, or jointly by the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Support is provided for about 30 participants at each conference and the conference organizer invites both established researchers and interested newcomers, including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, to attend.

See NSF Program Solicitation NSF 13-550 at

The deadline for submission of proposals is April 29, 2016. Principal investigators will be notified as soon as possible (usually early October) as to the status of their proposals. Formal announcement of awards will be made in October or November of 2016.

Additional information about this conference series, including a listing of all past conferences and published monographs, may be found at

Inquiries concerning this conference series or the preparation of proposals for conferences should be directed to 
CBMS director Ron Rosier (Hans' colleague at Georgetown)
NSF program officer Jennifer Slimowitz Pearl (also the program director for MCRN)


There is an upcoming NSF-CBMS conference that might be of interest to some of our members: "Topological Data Analysis: Topology, Geometry, and Statistics," May 31-June 4, 2016, at UT Austin.  



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