Conference on the Mathematics of Sea Ice

September 24-26, 2015
Vancouver, Canada

This conference was hosted by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was organized by Ken Golden (committee chair, University of Utah, USA and MCRN), Cecilia Bitz (University of Washington, USA), Ian Eisenman (University of California, San Diego, USA and MCRN), Mike Meylan (University of Newcastle, AU), and Grae Worster (University of Cambridge, UK). MCRN members who participated were Mary Silber, Dorian Abbot, Rachel Kuske, Ivan Sudakov, Anna Barry, and Kaitlin Hill.

Talks at the conference provided a survey of current research in the interface of mathematics and sea ice. Themes varied across spatial distribution, from studies of micron-scale brine channels to large-scale processes such as whole-region Arctic ice thickness distributions and large-scale floe dispersion. Some talks addressed potential linkages of scales in working to understand multi-scale processes in sea ice mechanics such as deformation, and the impact of waves on ice breakup.   

Some major themes: melt ponds, influence of waves of ice floes, ice deformation (e.g. cracks, leads, break-up), sea ice thickness distribution, floe size distribution, reversibility of sea ice extent in conceptual models.

The website for the conference can be found here:
Article by: Kaitlin Hill (MCRN and Northwestern)


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