New book published: Mathematics of Planet Earth

On March 30, 2015, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) published: Mathematics of Planet Earth: Mathematicians Reflect on How to Discover, Organize, and Protect Our Planet Edited by MCRN Co-director Hans Kaper and Christiane Rousseau

Book description: Our planet faces many challenges. In 2013, an international partnership of more than 140 scientific societies, research institutes, and organizations focused its attention on these challenges. This project was called Mathematics of Planet Earth and featured English- and French-language blogs, accessible to nonmathematicians, as part of its outreach activities. This book is based on more than 100 of the 270 English-language blog posts and focuses on four major themes:

  • A Planet to Discover
  • A Planet Supporting Life
  • A Planet Organized by Humans
  • A Planet at Risk

2015 / xii + 202 pages / Softcover / ISBN 978-1-611973-70-9 / List Price $39.00 / SIAM Member Price $27.30 / Order Code OT140

The above information and more is found at Please go to to order a copy or view links to its table of contents, preface, and index.

The blog contributions of the following MCRN members are included in the book: Tom Bellsky, Jesse Berwald, Chris Danforth, Hans Engler, Karna Gowda, Marian Gidea, Matthew Hoffman, Hans Kaper, Lewis Mitchell and Samantha Oestreicher.



Part I: A Planet to Discover      
Chapter 1: Planet Earth;
Chapter 2: Ocean and Atmosphere;
Chapter 3: Weather and Climate;
Chapter 4: Beyond Planet Earth;

Part II: A Planet Supporting Life      
Chapter 5: Biosphere;
Chapter 6: Ecology and Evolution;

Part III: A Planet Organized by Humans      
Chapter 7: Communication and Representation;
Chapter 8: Energy;
Chapter 9: Economics and Finance;
Chapter 10: Human Behavior;

Part IV: A Planet at Risk      
Chapter 11: Climate Change;
Chapter 12: Biological Threats;
Chapter 13: Predicting Catastrophies and Managing Risk;
Indices by Contributor, Name and Subject


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