Scientific Advisory Board announced

Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Bath, UK 
Henk Dijkstra, Professor of Dynamical Oceanography, University of Utrecht, Holland
David Eisenbud, Professor of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley
Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Eugenia Kalnay, Distinguished University Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Maryland at College Park
Mythily Ramasawamy, Dean of the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore, India 
Emily Shuckburgh, Head of open Oceans, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
Claudia Tebaldi, Senior Scientist of Climate Statistics, Climate Central, Princeton, NJ
Philippe Tondeur, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Patricia Yager, Associate Professor of Marine Sciences, University of Georgia


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