Research focus groups combine to form PaleoSeminar

The focus groups PaleoCarbon and Paleo Analogs merged to form the new working group PaleoSeminar. PaleoCarbon Group Leader Samantha Oestreicher and Paleo Analogs Group Leader Esther Widiasih have joined forces to become co-leaders of the new research focus group. All members, links, and pages of both groups have been added to the new PaleoSeminar page:

Esther Widiasih recalls that the PaleoCarbon group began in the Summer of 2010, as a continuation of team awesome from the IMAGe Theme of the Year Summer Graduate School on Mathematics of Climate Change at Boulder, Colorado. It was the first MCRN focus group, and became official during the inaugural MCRN Annual Meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, September 28 - October 1, 2011. According to Samantha Oestreicher’s records, the first PaleoCarbon webinar took place on September 13, 2011. Since its inception, PaleoCarbon has enjoyed a faithful and motivated membership, including Mary Lou Zeeman and her students, and Dick McGehee and his cadre.

Paleo Analogs is a much more recent phenomenon, states Dick McGehee. It was started in the Fall of 2011, shortly after the MCRN Annual Meeting. Esther Widiasih recalls, “The idea for the group was floated around by Mary Lou Zeeman and Chris Jones, who both recognized processes in Neuroscience that are analogous to those in climate.“

Following the 2012 MCRN Annual Meeting in Boulder, on October 12-13, PaleoCarbon and Paleo Analogs began meeting together. The groups have shared a weekly webinar during the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters. This month (May 2013), the groups merged completely into one.

The original PaleoAnalog and PaleoCarbon e-mail addresses no longer work. Instead, all the previous members of both groups and all new members of PaleoSeminar can be reached at  N.B. This address is no longer active.  Click on link for PaleoSeminar's group page.

The last PaleoSeminar webinar before the summer break will be next week. Jim Walsh of Oberlin College will continue his fantastic talk from last week. The working group will resume its weekly webinars in the Fall.


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