Midwest Mathematics and Climate Conference

Mathematics and climate science researchers attended the first ever Midwest Mathematics and Climate Conference at the University of Kansas from April 30 to May 2. The conference was organized by several faculty at KU, including Erik Van Vleck, as well as Chris Jones. Speakers gave talks on a wide variety of topics, including cloud and aerosol modeling, land surface modeling, climate model feedbacks and tipping points, and data assimilation. On Friday, May 1, Henk Djikstra gave the public lecture “On the intrinsic variability in the climate system,” where he discussed the impact of the extra heat being trapped in the Earth system by greenhouse gases on ocean circulation patterns, in particular the Atlantic multi-decadal variability (AMV). A particularly interesting part of the discussion was his demonstration of a phenomenon of overturning in a simple model that persisted throughout the hierarchy of models. He advocated strongly for the position that phenomena discovered in conceptual models must be sought for in more realistic models to determine their validity.

Article by Sean Crowell (MCRN and University of Oklahoma)


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