MCRN postdocs summarize IMA workshop

Recently, Thomas Bellsky (Arizona State University), Jesse Berwald, (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), and Lewis Mitchell (University of Vermont) organized a stimulating workshop at the IMA in Minneapolis on the Predictability in Earth System Processes from November 17-20th.

This workshop brought together mathematicians, statisticians, and climate scientists, with a priority on a number of junior researchers attending along with more established professors. This workshop investigated various issues within incorporating observational data into models. The use of such data within models is a mathematical issue that manifests in many areas, including model parametrization, model initialization, and validation of the model prediction against observations.

Various models of climate processes were discussed, including models of atmospheric processes, land and sea ice, and ocean dynamics. This workshop combined a wide range of mathematical areas including data assimaltion, dynamical systems, partial differential equations, mathematical statistics, and algebraic topology.

The goal of this workshop was to stimulate discussion between researchers in areas of climate science with researcher in more traditional areas of mathematics, with these discussions evolving into future collaborative projects. For details on the workshop, please see



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