MCRN Annual Meeting, Boulder, Oct 12-13

MCRN will be holding its annual meeting this year in Boulder, and it is being co-sponsored by IMAGe. On Friday, October 12, we will gather at the Mesa Lab at NCAR for a series of talks that highlight the research activity of MCRN. Meetings will then be held at Chautuaqua on Saturday Oct 13 to forge new directions for the network, see schedule below.


2012 MCRN Annual Meeting

The MCRN 2012 Annual Meeting is cosponsored by IMAGe and will be held in Boulder, CO Oct 12-13.


Fri Oct 12, Main Seminar Room, Mesa Lab, NCAR

8:50-9:00 Introductions, Chris Jones and Doug Nychka

9:00-9:45 David Holland (NYU): "Ice sheet-ocean interactions: observations and modeling"

9:45-10:30 KK Tung (U Washington): "Evidence for multidecadal oscillations in global temperature and its impact on the deduced anthropogenic warming"

10:30-11:00 Coffee/tea break

11:00-11:45 Ray Pierrehumbert (U Chicago) "Deglaciating Snowball Earth"

11:45-12:30 Richard McGehee (U Minnesota) "The Budyko energy balance model from a dynamical systems viewpoint"

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break (Mesa Lab cafeteria)

1:30-2:15 Inez Fung (UC Berkeley) "CO2-weather data assimilation"

2:15-3:00 Chris Danforth (U Vermont) "Stalking the truth with a cleverly inflated ensemble forecast"

3:00-3:30 tea/coffee break

3:30-4:15 Mary Silber (Northwestern U) "Tipping points: overview, outlook, opportunity"

4:15-5:00 Alex Mahalov (Arizona State U) "Global multiscale modeling and local climate impacts of rapid urbanization"

5:00-7:00 Poster reception, Mesa Lab Cafeteria


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