Climate Modeling Workshop: MCRN participates in Centre de Recerca Matematica's Intensive Research Program "Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics"

MCRN members Chris Budd, Kaitlin Hill, Julie Leifeld, Andrew Roberts and Esther Widiasih form the Scientific Committee for the "Climate Modeling Workshop," part of the Intensive Research Program: Advances in Nonsmooth Dynamics at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica.  

Workshop description:
Many conceptual climate models have been formulated as nonsmooth dynamical systems, dating back to Stommel's 1961 model for large-scale ocean circulation in the North Atlantic.  Over the last decade, nonsmoothness has become more prevalent as scientists describe evolution equations in discrete climate states.  Some recent focus has turned towards tipping points, the transitions between climate states. While such an understanding is critical, it could be that climate systems carve out questions much more novel to nonsmooth theory, leading to new analyses of the multiple scales encountered in climate modeling. This workshop will bring together researchers that are knowledgeable and/or curious about nonsmooth systems and/or climate science, in an effort to obtain a deeper understanding of critical climate transitions.

The  Climate Modeling Workshop will take place 30 March - 1 April 2016 at the CRM in Barcelona, Spain.

The workshop will include a small number of talks, giving an overview of conceptual climate models and presenting open problems. The main part of the program will consist of group discussion sessions, identifying key themes and tackling them during the workshop, and identifying new collaborations for future work. 

Registration: Please register at the workshop website. There is a nominal 50 euro registration fee for those who are not residents of the CRM Research Program. 

Contributions: All talks will be invited. If you would like to contribute an open problem then please contact to discuss with the organisers how its fits in with the program. 

Workshop website:


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