Tom Bellsky will become assistant professor at University of Maine

This fall I am thrilled to begin a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Maine. For the past three years I have been an MCRN Ed Lorenz postdoc at Arizona State University working with Eric Kostelich and Alex Mahalov.

I am grateful for the opportunities that have accompanied this position, where I have participated in many fantastic conferences and organized various workshops, minisymposia, and data assimilation focus group meetings. By being associated with our fabulous group of MCRN researchers, I have had innumerable opportunities for learning concepts and motivating new ideas. It has been especially a pleasure developing friendships and building collaborations with fellow MCRNers.

In regards to research, at ASU we have examined how observational locations within an ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) scheme affect errors in state and parameter estimation. Under an MCRN minigrant with fellow postdocs Jesse Berwald and Lewis Mitchell, I studied the effect of spatial localization within an EnKF scheme when estimating a model parameter that varies in time and space. I also have an ongoing project with SAVI partners Arjen Doelman and Eric Siero from the University of Leiden, where we are examining the stability of solutions within a region of parameter space for a reaction-diffusion model of semi-arid deserts.

As I ascend a level in the world of academics, I look forward to continuing MCRN collaborations and to creating a strong involvement in MCRN at UMaine. In particular, the Climate Change Institute ( at UMaine will offer many future connections. The last three years at ASU have been great. Nevertheless, I expect to embrace all aspects of becoming a New Englander, except with regards to the Patriots and Red Sox.

Congratulations, Tom!


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