Samantha Oestreicher reports on CliMathNet Conference 2013

MCRN director, Chris Jones along with Richard McGehee, Charles D. Camp and Samantha Oestreicher attended "CliMathNet Conference 2013," a conference associated with MPE 2013. The meeting took place at the University of Exeter in Exeter, UK, July 1-5, 2013. CliMathNet is a network of more than 60 members representing more than 20 universities and research institutions led by Prof. Peter Ashwin and Prof. Chris Budd. CliMathNet is the UK equivalent to MCRN and further information can be found at

The conference, with more than 80 attendees, included 15 plenary talks and 29 contributed talks which highlighted uncertainty statistics, tipping points, and data analysis. The conference also included a poster session held at the Met Office as well as several fascinating tours of the Met Office. Below is a picture Samantha took of Dick McGehee in front of the Fortran code displayed at the Met Office.

The next CliMathNet conference will take place in Summer 2014 in Leeds, UK.


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