Raj Saha presents at MAA Mathfest

Q. Raj, what have you been up to recently?

I recently made a presentation titled 'Quasi-periodic fluctuations in climate due to sea ice' at the MAA Mathfest 2013 in Hartford, CT. This talk was part of the invited paper sessions and under 'Climate and geophysical modeling'. The session was organized by Matthew Hoffman of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Q. How did the talk go?

In this 20 minute talk I presented a simple dynamical model that explains the occurrence of quasi-periodic fluctuations in climate over the last 100,000 years. These fluctuations, better known as Dansgaard-Oeschger events occurred several times and were characterized by abrupt warming and slower cooling in the North Atlantic region. I presented the paleo-climatological context of the problem and described the construction and dynamical behavior of the model. The talk appeared to have been well received and there were many interesting questions from the audience.

Q. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

I am preparing to teach Dynamical Systems in the Fall at the University of Minnesota. I am currently quite busy with the course preparations. Research-wise, I am working on reducing a climate model into simpler components.

Thank you, Raj. We look forward to hearing more from you and fellow MCRN collaborators!


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