Report on MPE 2013+ Workshop on Education for the Planet Earth of Tomorrow

MCRN members Mary Lou Zeeman of Bowdoin College and Jim Walsh of Oberlin College recently joined faculty from across the United States and world at the MPE 2013+ Workshop on Education for the Planet Earth of Tomorrow.  The workshop, held from September 30 to October 2 at NIMBioS at the University of Tennessee, featured talks, posters, and discussions about how to promote quantitative, multidisciplinary education suited for tackling the complex problems of planet earth.

Standing in for Hans Kaper, Jim gave a talk describing MCRN as an example of effective community building, and Mary Lou spoke on opportunities for mathematics in decision support. A full schedule of the workshop events is available here, Hans' slides are here, Mary Lou's are here, and slides from some of the other presentations are available here.

Mary Lou reports that a series of white papers is coming out of the workshop, each targeted to specific audiences. Together the white papers will comprise an MPE education and communications plan, focused on the following topics:   

1. Best ways for teachers at all levels to communicate issues related to planet earth.

2. Effective ways to inform the public about the essential role of the mathematical sciences in understanding issues related to planet earth.

3. Ways to infuse mathematics related to planet earth in undergraduate courses, as well as develop their communication skills. 

4. Ways to infuse mathematics related to planet earth at the high school and community college level.

5. Effective ways to encourage graduate students, post-docs, and early career researchers to pursue research areas related sustainability of planet earth.

Thank you, Mary Lou and Jim, for reporting back from the conference!

Article by: Kate Meyer (MCRN and Minnesota)



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