Michail Vrettas reviews AGU Fall Meeting

It is December again- the time of year when San Francisco hosts one of the largest conferences in geosciences. The 2013 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting took place on December 9-13, bringing together more than 22,000 attendees!

The conference took place at the Moscone Center, in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. It’s only a few minutes away from Powell BART station, which made it very convenient for commuters like me (I was traveling every day from Berkeley).

It was the first time for me to attend, and also present, at this conference as an invited speaker, and I have to say that my feelings are mixed for this event. On the one hand, it was great to see and interact with all the people who work passionately in various scientific fields and listen to them present their work. There were so many things going on every day- oral presentations, poster presentations, general lectures, exhibits, market place...

On the other hand, the schedule was so massive that there were many interesting talks running in parallel. It was difficult to decide which ones to leave out. That, I think, was very unfortunate and I do not know if it can be fixed by better scheduling the talks. Inevitably there will always be talks that you will miss, but I felt that I was missing too many things.

I liked most of the talks I attended. I tried to catch the talks related to data assimilation and hydrology- my main research areas right now- but I also attended talks unrelated to my work just to see how people try to solve the problems they face in other domains.

Overall I think that AGU conference is a great event to present your work, network with other people with similar interests and exchange ideas.


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