Marc Kjerland will postdoc at Kyoto University

In July I begin a two-year postdoc research position at Kyoto University, working with Nobuhito Mori on coastal ocean models at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute. The main goal of the project is to assess the impact of climate change on coastal disasters, and I will be working on numerical storm surge models and atmosphere-ocean coupling. I found out about the position from Adrean Webb (UTokyo) whom I met at the MSRI Climate Change Summer School in 2008, an early initiative of MCRN organizers! That program opened my eyes to new applications of mathematics and played a huge role in shaping my graduate career. Since then Adrean and I have crossed paths at other math and climate initiatives hosted by IPAM and IUGG and have become close friends. I'm very excited for many learning opportunities ahead. I look forward to the future of MCRN, to the upcoming projects of its many great members, and to the possibilities for collaboration!

Congratulations, Marc!




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