Alex Mahalov is Opening Keynote Speaker and Guest of Honour at Croucher Foundation Advanced Study Institute's "Changing Urban Climate and the Impact on Urban Thermal Environment and Urban Living"

Alex Mahalov (MCRN founding PI and ASU professor) is the opening keynote speaker and guest of honor at  the Croucher Advanced Study Institute (ASI) 2015-2016: Changing Urban Climate & the Impact on Urban Thermal Environment and Urban Living.  The institute is at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, on December 7- 11, 2015 .

Croucher Advanced Study Institutes are presented by faculty of international standing, following a competitive process.  Bringing together groups of practitioners at the forefront of their respective fields, Croucher Advanced Study Institutes provide an opportunity to assess recent findings and to explore potential new avenues of research.

The Advanced Study Institute on Changing Urban Climate will enable scientists studying the theory and mechanism of urban climate to discuss their scientific expertise with advocates and advocate groups – the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Meteorological Organization, city planners, architects, and government officials. By bringing together these two fundamentally different groups of people, the knowledge amassed by scientists may be put to practical use, with potential benefits for the community at large.



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