Laura Slivinski will postdoc at Woods Hole

After five years at Brown, this past spring I defended my thesis on Lagrangian data assimilation and geophysical fluid flows. Thanks to various MCRN connections and collaborations, my coauthors and I are currently revising a paper on a hybrid particle-ensemble Kalman filter for Lagrangian data assimilation, the focus of my thesis work. MCRN allowed me collaborate with scientists all over the world for this project, and funding from the SAVI grant enabled me to visit a collaborator in India twice.

I will be continuing at Brown as a postdoc for the summer, working with Prof. Bjorn Sandstede and several undergraduates on applying data assimilation methods to traffic flow problems (not directly a climate application, but using methods derived for climate applications.) I also plan to finish up several papers from my thesis work, and discuss future projects with my collaborators.

This fall, I will begin a postdoctoral position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on Cape Cod, MA. I am very excited to continue my work on the hybrid method and Lagrangian data assimilation, using real data gathered from experiments off the coast of Martha's Vineyard this summer. I also look forward to continuing many of the collaborations I began over the past few years, and continuing to be involved in MCRN activities.

Congratulations, Laura!



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