Jesse Berwald will work in Target research group

I have had the pleasure of being a member of the MCRN for the past three years. The MCRN has been invaluable in my growth as a mathematician and scientist. From the small-team collaborations and online working groups to the annual meetings and international conferences, the MCRN has been instrumental in my transition from graduate student to “professional mathematician”.

During my time as an MCRN member it has been a privilege to cross paths with so many impressive mathematicians and climate scientists. Through the MCRN I have had the opportunity to collaborate on many challenging projects. This research was broad in scope, and covered such varied topics as parameter estimation using data assimilation and topological data analysis applied to dynamical systems. These projects initiated travel to numerous fun and interesting locales, including Edinburgh, Bangalore, and Vermont in the dead of winter.

After two exciting years as a postdoc at the College of William and Mary, followed by a great year as a postdoc at the Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, I have decided to switch gears. Professional mathematicians come in many colors, and when an opportunity to apply my mathematical and computational skills as a data scientist at Target in Minneapolis presented itself I decided to take the plunge. The division I will be working in is new and promises professional growth on many fronts. I always enjoy interesting changes in life, and am excited to begin a new chapter. While I will miss working so closely with such a talented and vibrant group of people, I look forward to continuing to collaborate as well.

Congratulations, Jesse!


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