Jesse Berwald recounts ICTS-TIFR workshop on Nonlinear Filtering and Data Assimilation


Discussion Workshop on Nonlinear Filtering and Data Assimilation International Center for Theoretical Sciences, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research Bangalore, India January 8-11, 2014


At the beginning of January researchers from across India, Europe, and the United States met at the Indian Institute of Sciences in sunny Bangalore for a workshop centered around nonlinear filtering and data assimilation. The goal of the meeting was to help bridge gaps between those on the theoretical side of filtering theory and those working on applications. Through a series of tutorials and talks, the speakers gave overviews of the way in which their work pushes the state-of-the-art in data assimilation and filtering theory. Three 3-hour long tutorials delved deeply into both theoretical and applied aspects of particle filters. Interspersed among these were hour-long talks by other leading researchers, including Elaine Spiller from Marquette University. There was also ample time to converse with participants on their work and form new collaborations.

The meeting was organized by Amit Apte (ICTS-TIFR), Christopher Jones (UNC) and Sreekar Vadlamani (TIFR-CAM). MCRN members in attendance included Alejandro Aceves, Jesse Berwald, Colin Grudzien and Naratip Santitissadeekorn. Though the powers that be denied him a visa, our erstwhile leader, Chris Jones, was there in spirit.


Pictures from the workshop:

Ramon Van Handal discusses high-dimensional filtering problems.

Alberto Carrassi and Nara Santitissadeekorn working through a filter problem.

Bangalore Palace


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