Differential Equations, Probability and Sea Ice

Fifteen MCRN members participated in the Mathematics Research Community (MRC), titled “Differential Equations, Probability, and Sea Ice,” sponsored by the American Mathematics Society (AMS).  MRCs are designed to help early-career researchers —those who are close to finishing their doctorates or have recently finished— build social and collaborative networks to help each other as they begin their careers, an objective consistent with MCRN’s mission.


  • Daniel Feltham, University of Reading
  • Kenneth M. Golden, University of Utah and MCRN
  • Mary Silber, Northwestern University and MCRN
  • Court Strong, University of Utah
  • Deborah Sulsky, University of New Mexico

Forty early-career researchers attended the week-long conference held to kick off the MRC at Snowbird, Utah, on June 21– 27, 2015. It began with a day and a half of talks designed to introduce the participants to research areas in which the organizers are experts in the field. The participants brainstormed ideas for research topics then separated into small collaboration groups. They spent the rest of the week working on their respective research projects, while also enjoying the natural beauty, collegial atmosphere and fun activities at Snowbird.

At the end of the week the groups presented their projects— both what they had already accomplished and what they planned to complete before their next gathering and presentation at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM) in Seattle, Washington, January 6- 9, 2016. As part of the MRC, participants will receive partial funding to participate in the JMM 2016. This wonderful program is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Participating MCRN members include Andrew Steyer, Mary Silber, Christian Sampson, Andrew Roberts, Alice Nadeau, Ben Murphy, Ross Lieb-Lappen, Julie Leifeld, Sarah Iams, Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, Kaitlin Hill, Colin Guider, Kenneth Golden, Yuxin Chen, and Cael Barry (who joined during the week at Snowbird.)   We warmly welcome other MRC participants to also join MCRN!

For more information about MRCs, please see http://www.ams.org/programs/research-communities/mrc-15


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