David Plotkin is awarded Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from US Department of Energy

David Plotkin, MCRN member and student at the University of Chicago, has been awarded a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship of the US Department of Energy. More information about these fellowships is available at: http://www.krellinst.org/csgf/

Congratulations, David!

Q. Can you tell us a little about your research?

My research is about rare events in geophysical systems with multiple metastable states, e.g. ocean currents and atmospheric blocking. Specifically, I am interested in schemes for efficient simulation of systems that transition among multiple states on long time scales, making it computationally expensive to estimate transition probabilities and/or examine the transition pathway. The methods I'm working with bias systems towards transitions to achieve more efficient simulation. At the moment, I'm working on the Kuroshio current, a putatively bimodal western boundary current that runs along the coast of Japan, but hope to extend the methods to other applications.

Q. With whom are you working?

I'm working with Dr. Dorian Abbot (geo sciences) and Dr. Jon Weare (stat).

Thank you, David. We look forward to hearing more from you and fellow MCRN collaborators!


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