Chris Jones will speak at National Meeting of the Royal Meteorological Society

On Wednesday, April 16th, at the Imperial College London, MCRN director Christopher K.R.T. Jones will speak at the National Meeting of the Royal Meteorological Society. For meeting details, please see

The Royal Meteorological Society web site states, "Mathematics has always played a crucial role in modelling the weather and climate. Today, scientists and policy makers are demanding ever-more detailed information from simulations of the Earth system, and our strategy for model development requires concomitant advances in mathematics. The international programme 'Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013)' is devoted to advancing research programmes in all areas of environmental and biological modelling in which maths plays a crucial role, and the organizers hope that the initiative will have a lasting impact.

"In this National Meeting of the Royal Meteorological Society, in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society, presentations will be made by those who have been involved with MPE2013 in the fields of weather, climate and environmental prediction. This meeting will focus on Earth observation and Earth system modelling, and will discuss how improvements in models, and the optimal exploitation of observations, depends on advances in mathematics."

The speakers include:

Prof Ian Roulstone (University of Surrey) "Welcome and Introduction"
Prof Chris Jones (The University of North Carolina) "Models come in all shapes and sizes"
Dr Tamsin Edwards (University of Bristol) "Bayesian calibration of earth system projections"
Prof Chris Budd (University of Bath) "Adaptive mesh methods for Data Assimilation.
Prof Ted Shepherd, FRMetS (University of Reading) "The role of mathematics in understanding the atmospheric circulation response to climate change"
Dr John Taylor (DAMTP, University of Cambridge) "Mathematical models of phytoplankton blooms"
Dr Emily Shuckburgh, FRMetS (British Antarctic Survey) "The application of scientific evidence in climate-related policy"
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