Anna Barry will move to University of British Columbia

I am excited to begin an NSF fellowship with Rachel Kuske at the University of British Columbia in the fall. Our main research focus will combine problems in nonsmooth dynamical systems, stochastic differential equations, and the theory of tipping points. The motivation for these cutting edge problems came from projects I was involved in and conferences/workshops I attended that were MCRN-driven. This includes MCRN-funded work with Esther Widiash, Dick McGehee, and Andrew Roberts, as well as the tipping points workshop held at ICMS last September.

In addition to supporting my research program, the MCRN has given me an incredible opportunity to connect with renowned mathematicians and climate scientists. Because of connections I've made through the network, I've had the opportunity to work with scientists abroad and in other departments. For example, in May I spent one month at the University of Hamburg Institute of Oceanography working with Gualtiero Badin on geophysically-motivated point vortex problems.

One of the great things about connecting with scientists from different backgrounds is the opportunity for identifying new mathematics! Some examples of this are *coming soon* to the arXiv (with Esther, Dick, and Andrew), and we are thinking hard about more examples. I love being at the interface of theoretical mathematics and applied problems, and will continue to work in this area in the future.

Congratulations, Anna!



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