Andrew Roberts presents at K-12 teacher outreach

MCRN member Andrew Roberts delivered a talk on the topic of mathematics and climate at the November 15th workshop of MATH 5080: Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers. MATH 5080 is a special study for K-12 teachers, held annually in the Mathematics Department of Cornell University, where Andrew is currently a postdoctoral fellow.

The organizer of Math 5080, Mary Ann Huntley, described the talks by Andrew and colleagues Farbod Shokrieh and Maria Terrell as well-received. Professor Huntley stated, "the level of questions from participants made it clear that people were engaged with and understanding the content.  Nice job!"

The abstract for Andrew's talk, titled The Role of Mathematics in Understanding the Earth’s Climate, is as follows:
What is climate and how is it different from weather? How was the greenhouse effect
discovered? How much of the Earth was covered in ice during the ice ages? Mathematics
is essential to understanding these questions and their answers. We will discuss the
historical importance of mathematics in climate science, as well as the mathematical
insights that are important to current climate research.

The MATH 5080 program website states:
"Since 1985, during each academic year the Cornell Mathematics Department has offered a series of four full-day workshops for secondary mathematics teachers.  Other people who are interested in issues related to the teaching and learning of secondary mathematics (e.g., mathematics pre-service teachers, mathematics undergraduate and graduate students, and mathematicians) are also welcome to attend.  During workshop sessions participants examine principles underlying the content of the secondary school mathematics curriculum, including connections with the history of mathematics, technology, and mathematics education research." 
It details how teachers can earn graduate credit for their participation in these workshops. For more information, please go to


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