Andrew Roberts earns doctorate

I have spent the last 6 years at the University of North Carolina taking on a variety of roles. I have been a teaching assistant, research assistant, graduate mentor, SAMSI Graduate Fellow, and SAVI Graduate Student. Since defending my dissertation entitled "Abrupt changes and intervening oscillations in conceptual climate models" in December, I have spent the last semester as a postdoctoral research assistant at UNC.

As the SAVI Graduate student, I have assisted MCRN members in utilizing the online software that allows us to function as a network. I am also grateful for many opportunities to travel, attending two workshops in Edinburgh and helping strengthen our connection with our partners in the UK at Warwick, Exeter, and Manchester. I look forward to fostering the relationship with our Australian partners this summer.

I am coming off a successful 2013 minigrant project with Esther Widiasih, Martin Wechselberger, and Chris Jones that has resulted in a paper submitted to Physica D (with encouraging reviews). This year, I am fortunate to be able to work on two funded minigrant projects. One project is a collaborative effort with Julie Leifeld and Kaitlin Hill, examining smooth systems with a nonsmooth limit, with a particular focus on similarities and differences to the bifurcation structure in the limit. The other project is a collaborative effort with Esther Widiasih, Chris Jones, and Axel Timmerman, looking at a low order ENSO model through the lens of mixed-mode oscillations. I am also currently working on writing up results obtained with Anna Barry and Dick McGehee during my last visit to Minnesota.

Even though I am excited to move on to my new position as an H. C. Wang Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell University, I plan on remaining involved with the MCRN.

Congratulations, Andrew!


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