Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel to join mathematics faculty at Mount Holyoke College

Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel, an active MCRN member and former Ed Lorentz post-doc, is looking forward to starting a new position as Assistant Professor at Mount Holyoke College in the coming academic year. Alanna has a good idea of what she has signed up for, since she had a visiting position at Mount Holyoke this year. She is excited to continue "working with [her] awesome colleagues, teaching some awesome students." She writes, "Today I had an 'I have the best job ever' moment. I am teaching Differential Equations, and while writing up an answer key for my graders, I got carried away answering a homework problem. It was so much fun to do some analysis on this nonlinear 3D system. An hour later I realized I wasn't even answering the problem anymore, I was just doing fun math."

Alanna continues to research n-vortex problem questions, explaining that currently she is "particularly looking at symmetry of relative equilibria configurations in the 1+3-vortex problem, with hopes of extending techniques to 1+4 vortices or to Bose-Einstein condensate vortices." However, her main focus revolves around resilience questions, including "context dependent definitions of resilience, and eventually, 'simple' models of resilience that combine state-space and parameter disturbances, and branching into some nonautonomous [differential equations]." .

MCRN has shaped both her career and her research interests. "I absolutely wouldn't have gotten this job without MCRN," she says. "The Ed Lorenz postdoc I did at Bowdoin got me really interested in this resilience question, which added a whole new dimension to my research. Also, MCRN introduced me to peers who struggle through the job search process with me, and to mentors and letter writers for job applications."

Alanna plans to continue her involvement with MCRN: "It's such a great resource! There is so much going on and there's always someone who is also interested in working with you, especially when you get stuck on a problem and need help. It's also a great network with examples of getting undergraduate students involved in research."

Congratulations, Alanna!


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