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    Vancouver Island University - Nanaimo, BC Canada

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    David received his PhD in the Dept of Math and Stats at the University of Victoria in Victoria, Canada in 2016 where he combined research in turbulent fluid dynamics and stochastic processes in the context of cloud microphysics to develop a novel way to model uncertainty without assuming any probability distribution. 

    Previously, he had designed and built a solar thermal energy meter with the backing of a government grant.  He also designed and build a biodiesel reactor that completes a reaction in half the time just because it was fun, and used some of that fuel to drive a diesel sedan to an MSRI summer school on Mathematics and Climate in 2010.

    He prefers public transportation and bicycling and would rather travel to conferences by train than by plane.  Prior to that, he had taught middle and high school math.  Although he's now a permanent resident in Canada, and has retained US citizenship.


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