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Library vs. Resources

The Library menu -- much like an actual library -- links you to information in many formats. Currently our library contains four distinct categories of information:

  1. Collections,
  2. Publications (formally Citations),
  3. Tags, and
  4. Resources
    • Courses (formally, Series):  materials from an entire course, such as Dick McGehee's Introduction to the Mathematics  of Climate course.
    • Educational Materials: items such as annotated bibliographies, worksheets, slides, and posters for educators and students
    • Presentations: Posters and slides from talks; may include audio or video content.  
    • Workshops: A collection of lectures, seminars, and materials that were presented at a workshop

Note: Not all Library menu items that we would call "resources" in everyday language are Resources on the Hub!

Although you'll see other resource types if you navigate to the "Resources" main page, please do not use any that are absent from the Library menu. Also, use "Series" not "Courses" to connect to Courses (sorry for the confusion)! We are working to turn off the display of the unused resource types. In the future, we can explore adding further resources beyond the core set that we're starting with.




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