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How To Connect Outside of the Hub

MCRN is a virtual institution connecting researchers across the world.  We work online and we have experience using many different platforms.  This is a reference page for how to connect for meetings, discussions and seminars---see the table below for a comparison and links to the resources.


Comparing Meeting Tools:





















Google Hangout Yes   Yes  Yes  Yes   In Google Docs With free extension With Hangout on Air Recording takes practice  Yes, no restrictions 
Skype Yes  Yes Yes (w/ Premium)  No  No  No  No Yes  Yes, no restrictions 
Sococo Yes  Yes  Yes  No No  No  No Yes  Yes, limits meeting participants* 
Webex Yes (no USB headsets)  Yes  Yes  Yes (w/ individual view)  No Yes  Yes, with premium account Linux Compatibility Issues  Yes, limits meeting size 

How to: Google Hangout and Record

You will need:

  • A Google Plus account

  • The Google Talk plugin installed in your browser

How to host a Google Hangout:

Video Tutorial:

For a detailed tutorial, follow this video.  The steps in the tutorial are listed below:

Creating a Meeting:
  1. Log into your Google Plus account and look for the drop down bar, Home, at the top left hand side. Choose Hangouts in this list.  Follow this link to create a hangout.
  2. Alternatively you can follow this link directly. 
  3. At the top left hand side of your Hangouts account, open the bar and select Hangouts on Air.  Follow the links to create a Hangout on Air.
  4. You will be asked for the following:
    1. Meeting title
    2. Description (optional)
    3. An event time
    4. Audience---by default meetings are public on Youtube, but this is easily changed to private by removing the Public circle in the Audience.  You will need to put at least one invited attendant.
  5. You have created an event space which is reached through your Google Plus account.  To begin the meeting you can access the space through your Google Plus Account in your scheduled events.
  6. You will be given the option to invite participants upon opening the meeting space.  You may invite participants directly or with a via a link in the hangout space.
  7. To get a link for the hangout space, in the space there will be an invite people option on the top of the video frame.  Clicking this will provide a link you may share.
  8. Hit Start Broadcast to begin recording.
  9. Once the meeting has concluded your meeting will be available in your Google Plus account.  It may be downloaded and edited with the Youtube 

Joining a Google Hangout:

From an invitation in Google Plus, or a link provided in email, you may access the meeting space when signed in to your Google account.

Retrieving the recording: 

You will be able to retrieve, edit and download your video in the Youtube Video Manager of your Google Plus account.  The Youtube video may also be shared directly from this host.


‚ÄčRemember that anyone with the link can view the streaming broadcast to Youtube, even if it is not publicly searchable.  For greater privacy, you may upload the recording to the Hub library with your chosen level of visibility, and delete the recording from your Google Plus account after the file is hosted with MCRN.

How to: Sococo

You will need:

  • A Google Chrome web browser.

  • The Sococo plugin installed in your browser.

  • An account with Sococo, free or premium.

Meeting on Sococo:

Video Tutorials:

See the Sococo Youtube page for tutorials, or the Sococo website.

Sococo Free Use Summary:

 Sococo is a virtual office space where members of a project can work and collaborate together with audio/video conferencing and chat options.  The free trial allows the user broad access, but after 30 days, one should note:

  • there will be only one meeting room,
  • external plugins like Slack will not be available and
  • the number of users allowed in this meeting room is limited to 4.

In particular, this will only allow four pre-specified users to access the meeting space.  One should consider the free version of Sococo only for a pre-set project group collaboration.

How to: Webex

You will need:

  • Windows, Macintosh, or Android operating system.

  • The Webex browser plugin, installed automatically.  Note: Firefox and Chrome are recommended.

How to host a Webex meeting:

  1. Go to and log in with your credentials.

  2. Use the buttons at the top of the page

    1. To set up a future meeting click the middle button: "Schedule"

    2. To start an impromptu meeting click on “Meet Now"

  3. To host a meeting that has been scheduled, simply find your meeting in the middle of the page and click on it

Joining a Meeting:

To Join a Webex meeting click the link in the invitation email. "Connect by computer” for the audio, and please use a headset if you have one, to prevent feedback problems. Alternatively, you can just “mute” your microphone by clicking it’s icon in Webex, and "un-mute" by clicking on it again to speak.

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