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The many components of the Earth's climate system evolve on a wide range of scales, both in time and in space.  While the atmosphere evolves on a time scale of days, the typical cycle of the ocean circulation is of the order of centuries. Sea ice---an important mediator for energy exchange between the Earth's atmosphere and oceans and a significant factor in the uptake of carbon by the oceans---grows from structures that are a few decimeters in diameter (pancakes) to structures that extend over many kilometers. This wide range of scales is reflected in a mathematical climate model by the simultaneous occurrence of fast and slow time scales or, in the case of spatial phenomena, microscopic and macroscopic scales.  

This research group had two objectives: (1) to learn and develop the tools used in analzying a multi-scale systems, and (2) to apply these tools to climate models in an attempt to better understand the dynamics.  

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