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Climate Variability: from Data and Models to Decisions

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The variability, in a warming climate, of regional phenomena such as the Indian monsoons are hard to predict with current climate models. This workshop will bring together climate scientists with mathematicians in order to frame the mathematical issues relevant to understanding this variability. There will be a particular focus on data assimilation, quantification of uncertainty, tipping points, and use of a hierarchy of models in decision making.

Scientific organizers:
Amit Apte (Bangalore, India)   
Henk Dijkstra (Utrecht, The Netherlands)   
Christopher Jones (Chapel Hill, USA)   
David Stainforth (London, United Kingdom)  

This is an invitation-only workshop.

Alejandro Aceves    (Dallas, Texas, United States)
Amit Apte    (Bangalore, India)
Peter Ashwin    (Exeter, United Kingdom)
Peter Challenor    (Exeter, United Kingdom)
Daan Crommelin    (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Henk Dijkstra    (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Arjen Doelman    (Leiden, Netherlands)
Jason Frank    (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Colin Grudzien    (Durham, United States)
Wilco Hazeleger    (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Christopher Jones    (Durham, United States)
Hans G Kaper    (Washington, United States)
A. S. Vasudeva Murthy    (Bangalore, India)
Mythily Ramaswamy    (Bangalore, India)
Raj Saha    (Vancouver, Canada)
Mary Silber    (Chicago, IL , United Kingdom)
Leonard Smith    (London, United Kingdom)
Matthew Smith    (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
David Stainforth    (London, United Kingdom)
Sreekar Vadlamani    (Bangalore, India)
Bart van den Hurk    (De Bilt, Netherlands)
Erik van Vleck    (Lawrence, United States)
Anna Von der Heydt    (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Conference website:

When: Sunday 30 November, 2014 6:00 pm CET - Friday 05 December, 2014 3:00 am CET
Where: Lorentz Center@Snellius
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