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MetEd - Volcanic Ash: Volcanism

This module is the second in the four-part Volcanic Ash series. It provides information about the geological, and geophysical processes related to volcanic activity and volcanic ash in the atmosphere and on the ground. It discusses four types of volcanic eruptions and describes six major volcanic hazards:

  • Tephra
  • Pyroclastic flow
  • Lahar
  • Lava flow
  • Volcanic gas
  • Tsunami

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Mathematics Freshman Seminar Course - A Climate of Uncertainty

This collection contains the teaching materials I used for designing the Freshman Science Seminar Mathematics 190 - A Climate of Uncertainty at UNC-Chapel Hill Fall 2013.   This collection is maintained as a reference for other instructors interested in teaching about climate change using open curriculum.  I made extensive use of the training modules provided by MetEd to utilize a "flipped classroom" approach.  Traditional lecturing was largely replaced by assigning the training modules in this collection for homework and having my students send me their quiz scores.  In class, I utilized a mix of "read and report" group presentations, discussions, roleplays, and modelling exercises on laptops.   I encourage others to build and improve on the ideas I had for this course, and to contact me  with questions related to the materials and course design.



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