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Kaitlin Hill

Grouping multiple files in one resource

Is this possible? I tried adding a pdf of presentation slides to a resource along with an mp4, but I can't find where to access the slides file from the resource page. Is there something particular I need to do to add multiple files to one resource and then be able to view them? An example resource would be this one (for those with access to the nonsmooth group):

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    Monica Romeo

    There are two ways of grouping multiple files in one resource:

    1. If one file is primary and the rest secondary, then the primary file should be uploaded first.  The rest of the files that are uploaded in the same resource will appear both under the "Supporting Docs" tab and under the presentation button as a link: "Additional material available."
    2. If the files can all stand alone, but are part of a series (like in a course), then each resource should be made separately.  The list of resources should then be submitted as a ticket for a series resource to be created.  See for an example.

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