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Alice Nadeau

Group Calendar unable to sync with MCRN Steering Calendar

 The NBRIT group has its own group calendar and I am trying to add it to MCRN Steering Calendar.  Here is the process I am following:

--In MCRN Steering: Click "Manage Calendars"

--Click "Add Calendar"

--In "Title" select "NBRIT Meeting Calendar" which is the NBRIT group calendar

--In "URL" paste link given at the bottom of the NBRIT calendar on the group's calendar site

--Select "Blue" for color

--Hit "Submit"

None of my events show up on the MCRN Steering Calendar and when I hit the "Refresh" link I get the error message: 

Please assist.



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    Emily Kayser

    Hi Alice,

    In order to sync calendars between groups, please be sure that the calendar settings are set to All Hub Visitors.  If you are a manager, navigate to the Manager settings, and scroll to the bottom of the page to change settings for each of the features inside of a group.  If the calendar is private to group members, it will not be possible to sync it from outside of the group. 



    -MCRN Hub Support Team

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