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My Group’s calendar isn’t syncing with other calendars

I am using the link provided in my group's calendar to subscribe my personal calendar to the group's events, but the syncing isn't working. Please help.

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    Colin James Grudzien

    Depending on the calendar you want to sync with, there may be different issues.  On the Hub side, if you want to allow other calendars to subscribe to your group's events, the group calendar must be made public.   However, GMail calendars have known issues with syncing to outside calendars.  From one user's experience

    "This morning I noticed that my gmail calendar was not updating new events added to the hubzero calendars.  After doing some experimentation and reading several internet forums, I've learned some things about this issue that might be relevant to all members, but particularly those who use gmail calendars or google based phones.

    This is not a problem with the hub, it is a problem with gmail.  Gmail is very inconsistent with its updating of calendars that are added via external links.  Sometimes the updating will happen within several hours, sometimes within several days.  Either way, this may not be functional for you/us.

    Manually refreshing your calendar does not refresh external calendars (like the hub calendars).

    This has been a problem for the last 5 years, based on the various internet forums, so we shouldn't expect a fix from google any time soon.

    This doesn't seem to be a problem for iphone calendars, or the calendar that comes standard on my macbook computer.  Those can be both manually refreshed and automatically refreshed, according to my experimentation and the internet"

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