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Why can’t I send and receive messages from other hub users?

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    Monica Romeo

    Messages on the hub do NOT function as a way to email/chat with other users.  We do not have an in-line emailing feature in our current functionality.  Messages are mainly used for notifications.  For example, if you check your Messages from your Dashboard, you will see updates notifications about the tickets that you have submitted on the hub.  You will also see updates on wishes and questions in the messages area.  

    You can use Messages to contact other group members: you can post out, but no replies will come to the hub.  We use this as a default to safeguard against spammers or unknown members misusing the message feature.  A better way to open a line of communication with group members is to use the Forum feature.  This feature allows you to create posts which can be emailed to the members, and members can respond directly through email.  All posts are housed on the Hub in the Forum tab of the group. 


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