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Where should I post information for my group?

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    Monica Romeo

    It depends on the type of information you are trying to share.: 

    - If the information will be constantly updated (and a history of previous versions would be useful to have), then Wiki would be best.  
    - If the content is static or informational, Group Pages might be helpful. (These will appear under the Overview tab). 
    - If you want the information to be emailed to users, then Announcements or Forum posts would be your best bet.  (Announcements can be made “Sticky” so that they appear on every page of the group until a user clicks to X out of it.)
    - If the information is part of a collaboration and involves sharing files, then Projects might be the way to go.  (The ability to create to-do lists, upload files, and post comments to the timeline make it a good place to manage projects and communicate.)

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